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    Ease and Comfort
    No More Cold Feet
    CarbonicHeat™ MultiFloor gently warms all
    types of natural stone, granite, marble,
    and tile. And because there are no wires
    to cut, installation is a breeze.
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    Ultimate Zoned Heating
    Each room on the CarbonicHeat™ MultiFloor film
    system is controlled by a separate thermostat. This
    allows you to control the temperature of each
    area independently. Warm just the floors and
    the rooms you need with gentle radiant heat
    - saving on energy costs.
  • Carbonic Heat Applications
    Even and efficient heat
    solutions for all types of
    flooring and roofing
  • Carbon Heat Kit
    Heating That
    Makes Sense
    CarbonicHeat is up to 30% more energy
    efficient than traditional heating products
    and comes with an industry leading
    35 year warranty.

CarbonicHeat makes heating the floors in your largest rooms or even your entire home affordable. And, the thin film design reduces installation time and expense and eliminates the hot and cold spots that come with other systems.