• What is CarbonicHeat?

    CarbonicHeat is a state-of-the-art technology developed in 1992 that provides electric infrared radiant floor heat. FlexHeat Technology allows CarbonicHeat to be a great heating solution because

  • No More Cold Feet

    Enjoy the comfort of a warm floor, no more cold feet. The soothing power of radiant heat warms your entire body. You save heating cost, heats your rooms only when needed, doesn’t heat the the

  • Ultrathin Carbon Film

    Floors that warm your feet, give your body a healthy glow, and provide exquisite comfort. Inexpensive luxury for your bathroom and kitchen, a whole home solution. Our ultrathin carbon film will

Thermal Comfort

Radiant heating is arguably superior to convection methods because warm, buoyant air rises wastefully to the ceiling in convection-heated rooms, warming the upper body but leaving the lower body cooler.    

How it works

Easy Installation

CarbonicHeat Film unrolls from a coil. A factory trained installer cuts the film to the size right in your home and installs it quickly, usually with a few days. This save you money and time.

Lower Heating Bill!

Directed warmth where you need it! CarbonicHeat film warms your floor uniformly and quickly for maximum comfort and economy helping you save on heating costs. Other benefits include: No dust lined ducts, no forced air drafts, only the comfort of ...


Less thank 1/16 ink thick, CarbonicHeat unrolls from a coil to install easily and efficiently. It can be cut with ordinary shears to fit any room shape. You get full-warmth and comfort at minimum cost. The low temperature heating panels provide


What is CarbonicHeat? CarbonicHeat carbon based electric heating film was invented in South Korea, where radiant type floor has been used for over a century. How does CarboniHeat work? Flat copper wire elements run on either side of the carbon

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